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Think Spring on Your Menu

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | February 16, 2024

Even though it seems like we've had a pretty mild winter this year, everyone is ready to think spring about now! And as someone in the foodservice business, thinking spring right now is a must for your menu! From adding colorful ingredients to introducing light and refreshing dishes, there are endless possibilities to grab the attention of your patrons and residents.

One idea is to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables that are abundant during the spring months. Think asparagus, radishes, rhubarb, lettuce and spinach, as those are what you're going to start seeing about May here in the Midwest. These will not only add a pop of color but also bring fresh flavor and nutritional benefits. Consider creating a spring salad with lettuce, spinach and radishes, featuring grilled asparagus or offering a rhubarb pie.

Another way to embrace the essence of spring is by introducing lighter and refreshing options that are perfect for warmer days. Swap out heavy, hearty meals for lighter alternatives that still satisfy the taste buds. For example, you can replace a traditional beef burger with a grilled chicken or turkey burger topped with fresh avocado and a zesty herb aioli. Alternatively, offer a selection of colorful and flavorful wraps filled with crisp vegetables and lean proteins. Or swap out a hot soup feature for a fresh salad feature.

Incorporating spring flavors doesn't have to be limited to main dishes alone. Get creative with your beverage and dessert selection by offering refreshing spring-inspired drinks and desserts. Infuse water with slices of cucumber or offer a flavored lemonade. You can do both for a limited cost on your end while either offering them for a bit of an upcharge or an upscale presentation. And don't forget to feature a variety of light and fruity desserts, such as a mixed berry parfait or a refreshing lemon sorbet.

By incorporating spring looks and flavors into your restaurant or senior living menu, you not only showcase your culinary creativity but also provide a memorable dining experience for your guests. So, embrace the upcoming season! Your patrons and residents will thank you for it!

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