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12 Tips for Outdoor Dining

Scott Fadden
Scott Fadden | April 14, 2021

Great weather is upon us! As we continue to endure the effects of COVID, outdoor dining offers a perfect marketing opportunity for your business! Many guests admit to feeling safer dining outside, and in many cases restrictions make outdoor dining a better option. People also enjoy dining outside as the weather improves – especially after being cooped up over the course of winter and early spring!

Whether you’ve never taken a chance on outdoor dining but have the ability to increase your outdoor dining space or just need to rethink your outdoor dining as the seasons are now changing, now is the perfect time to consider all of the great opportunities  outdoor dining provides!

Here are 12 tips to make the most of your outdoor dining this season:

  1. Look at all of your outdoor space as possible outdoor seating. Every inch counts, so consider your parking stalls, sidewalks and lawn space, etc. With little investment, you can create an enjoyable, attractive area!
  2. Don't let limited funds limit your ideas. You can always start small and grow over time.
  3. If you cannot afford commercial furniture, look at your local stores for well-built items.
  4. Take into consideration possibilities to increase traffic with outdoor entertainment, from live music to televisions.
  5. Patio heaters and/or outdoor fireplaces are great options to keep outdoor traffic up even on chilly days and evenings.
  6. Many cities are easing up on permits, but always check local ordinances to be sure you are compliant.
  7. Consider limited menus, if needed.
  8. Continue to follow proper distancing guidelines.
  9. Remember to factor in your outdoor setting as you and your team perform tasks to ensure safe dining  food safety procedures.
  10. Create outdoor dining specials.
  11. Remember your outdoor dining in your advertising, as it is a great selling point to attract customers.
  12. One easy and free way to promote your outdoor dining is to use social media to engage your followers. Be sure to include  photos of your outdoor space throughout the season and especially on those perfect weather days! When posts are performing well, give them a boost to grow your audience. 

Folks love to dine out...outside that is! When restrictions ease, you can continue to offer outdoor dining to increase guest count. Give customers a great meal OUT, complete with fresh air and ambiance!

Looking for some unique features to add to your menu that would be perfect for outdoor dining? Take a look at this Martin Bros. Dish! Burger Edition for some ideas and inspiration!



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