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Get More Bang for Your Buck with Pork Collar

Scott Fadden
Scott Fadden | April 24, 2019

Also known as pork ribeye, pork collar is an underutilized product in the U.S. but is starting to be recognized by more and more chefs. Pork collar is very popular in Europe. It is the part of the shoulder that runs from the base of the pig’s neck to the tip of the loin.

Pork collar is inexpensive, versatile and well marbled…with great flavor…and it doesn’t dry out as quickly as other cuts.

Being versatile, pork collar can be braised, grilled, cut into cubes for kabobs, stir fried, smoked and used in many recipes. For the folks that love to smoke meats, the collar can be brined and smoked to create a different style of bacon for the ultimate BLT or a great breakfast side. Or try cutting pork collar into steaks and serving as a pork ribeye topped with a great sauce or smothered with caramelized onions. The list goes on!

Here is one NEW recipe idea for a unique item to add to your menu featuring pork collar

Grilled Pork Sandwich with Yogurt Sauce & Parmesan Chips


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