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Think Outside the School Lunch Box

Renee Greiner
Renee Greiner | November 13, 2014

Many are challenged to produce more revenue in our programs today. Why not think outside the box to do so? 

Serve staff and community in addition to students. For starters, look at some of the meetings that happen in your school district. Is food served during these meetings? If so, you could come up with a menu of services from your food and nutrition department and distribute it to those in charge of the meetings. Maybe it starts with a tray of cookies and bars or a snack mix for everyone to enjoy during a planning meeting. It could easily expand to meals for a board meeting or feeding a sports team before a big home game. Some schools have even catered large events like graduations and weddings. Try catering today!

Expand your student meal service to grab n go. Breakfast in the classroom is definitely popular, but sack breakfasts and lunches for busy students or field trips are another way to capture those reimbursement dollars. These can be ordered ahead of time or available right on the line. For breakfast, a yogurt parfait can start the day off right. For lunch, pair a sandwich with fresh fruit, vegetable, beverage and chips or a whole grain cookie. In addition, taking back the vending machines can help boost revenue dollars as those are included in the smart snacks program.



Check out these delicious K-12 school recipes for more ideas and inspriation!

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