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The Importance of Good Hand Hygiene and Supplies

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | December 4, 2014


Hand hygiene is an important measure to take to decrease the spread of infection.

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It has been reported that 80% of germs are transmitted by the hands. This is why good hand hygiene is so important. In fact, hand hygiene is one of the most important preventive measures we can take to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

Tips for Practicing Good Hand Hygiene Plus the Supplies to Keep you Healthy

1. For handwashing, the entire process should take at least 20 seconds. A good practice is to wet hands with water, apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces, rub hands palm to palm and carefully scrub fingers, the back and front of hands and each thumb. Rinse hands with water and gently dry hands with a clean paper towel. 

2. The hand sanitizing process should take about 15 seconds. Apply a palmful of alcohol-based hand sanitizer into your hands, covering all surfaces; rub the sanitizer into the palms of your hands, fingers, back and front of hands and thumbs. Continue rubbing hands together until hands are dry. 

3. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are the key times to wash or sanitize your hands: before preparing food, before eating, before and after caring for someone that is sick or being around someone that is sick, after using the bathroom, after sneezing or coughing and after touching anything that may be a transmission vector of infection-causing germs, such as railings, grocery carts, diapers, raw food, animals and trash.


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