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Talk Turkey: Explore Your Food Service Options Early For Thanksgiving!

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | October 20, 2015

Avian Influenza is significantly affecting the nation’s turkey population and the subsequent supply of raw materials. There are turkeys available, but how long supply will last is unknown. So, if you haven’t ordered your Thanksgiving turkey yet, you should think about doing so soon. You can just keep it frozen until it’s time to prep for your big meal! However, there are also many great center of the plate food service items that you can substitute for turkey this season. Serving something different that offers great taste and a unique presentation can be a welcome change for those you serve and bring you increased sales this holiday season!

Here are some turkey items to try (while supplies last):

Food service - Tyson Hillshire Foil Wrapped Turkey Breast

Tyson Hillshire Farm® Foil-Wrapped Turkey Breast (973970  - 2/8-9 lb)
Tyson Hillshire Farm® Netted Skin-On Turkey Breast & Thigh Roast (970070 - 2/11-13 lb)
Turkey Tom (970220 - 2/20-22 lb)
Turkey Hen (970240 - 4/12-14 lb)

Try these six great alternatives to turkey:

Food service - CarveMaster Ham

1. Ham
Farmland Smoke’N Fast® CarveMaster® Ham (933720 - 2/9-10 lb ave)

Food service - Hillshire Farm Prime Rib

2. Prime Rib
Tyson Hillshire Farm® Rare Prime Rib (Choice - 910600 - 1/14-15 lb, Select - 910620 - 2/12.25 lb)

3. Whole Chicken
Perdue Cookin’ Good® Chicken Roaster (934960 - 9/8 lb ave)

4. Foil-Wrapped Chicken
Perdue Oven Stuffer® Foil-Wrapped Chicken Breast (931350 - 4/5 lb)

Food service - AdvancePierre Cranberry & Sage Stuffed Chicken

5. Stuffed Chicken
AdvancePierre Barber® Cranberry & Sage Stuffed Chicken (977200 - 4/2.5 lb)

6. Airline Chicken Breast
Tyson Airline Chicken Breast (977580 - 32/10 oz)

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