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Rewards through Continuing Education for Senior Living Staff

Chris Timmons
Chris Timmons | October 9, 2014


Continuing education and training are a vital part of maintaining quality service. The benefits of training and education far outweigh any loss in production or labor hours. Some of these benefits include keeping you on the cutting edge and assisting with employee and resident satisfaction. 

With regular training, you can expect:

Increased employee satisfaction
The investment made in regular training tells your employees “you and what you do are valued.”

Increased adaptability
You should know how to do each and every job that is in your department, and someone in your department should know how to do each and every critical part of your job as a manager. This will help ensure that if you or one of your employees is sick or gone on vacation, for instance, nothing about your service will be stressed or forced to slow down.

Strengthened employee skills
Keeping up on the latest rules, regulations, techniques and trends in the industry will enhance your work and the work of your staff. You should also see improved performance and consistency throughout all staff members and shifts.

Decreased costs
Training in food production and portioning will improve speed of performance and decrease waste. Instruction in standard procedures and equipment will help prevent accidents. The end result is a strengthened bottom-line and improved productivity.

Decreased need for supervision
When employees gain knowledge, they also become more self-reliant and require fewer directives. This improves employees’ work satisfaction. In addition, less directives means increased efficiency and time that can be spent on other tasks.

Education Resources

Martin Bros. has a wide variety of resources on under the Resources tab to assist in training your staff as well as helping you fulfill your own continuing education needs.  

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