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Digital Must Haves For Restaurant Marketing in 2014

Sara Kies
Sara Kies | January 17, 2014


Your independent restaurant could be missing out on some huge profit potential if your digital presence is lacking. Here are some effective marketing tips to help you get a jump on your website and social media channels for 2014.

1. Your site must work on a smart phone.
Today, more people have smart phones than they do desktop computers, which is why it’s important that your website function better than just ‘ok’ on a mobile device. People of today expect more from your restaurant marketing. They want to easily read and navigate your website from any device without pinching, downloading or standing on their head to do so. Having a website that people can interact with on their phone or tablet will increase the likelihood of them visiting your restaurant over competitors who don’t make the experience mobile-friendly.

2. Make your menu your main focus.
Remember - mobile-friendly, fast-loading sites make sense for our on-the-go society. Forcing us to download your menu from a PDF file does not. Make your menu the main text of your site and update it OFTEN. Take it one step further and allow your guests to order online, decreasing their wait time if they’re looking for something fast. There are simple widgets available to add this functionality to your site – especially if you’re using an easily-editable interface like WordPress or Joomla. 

3. Tell them about your food and drink specials. Don’t assume they know.
This is a simple concept. If you’re having a special event, a 2 for $25 deal or special Happy Hour pricing – post this on your HOME PAGE. It’s the simplest way to attract new customers and will help gain repeat regulars. If there is a limited-time offer they can take advantage of, it will give your public a reason to dine out at your establishment. The days of set it and forget it when it comes to presenting yourself online are over.

4. Tell people when you’re open and how to get there.
People don’t want to hunt for you and they REALLY don’t want to find out that you’re closed after finally finding you. Clearly post your hours and your location with Google Maps integration.  Neither should come without the other.

5. Integrate with your social media accounts.
Your social media presence is just as, if not more important than your website presence. Your posts, deals and daily interaction with your fans and followers should be included on your website to keep the connection strong. Social media is ‘word of mouth’ marketing at its finest, which is why you should always be looking for new ways to capture more followers. Posting your feeds on your website is the simplest way to do that. 

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