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Providing a Great Customer Experience Through Employee Training

Scott Fadden
Scott Fadden | May 7, 2021

People are more likely to support a business that provides a great experience. A key ingredient in that success is to create a great working experience for your staff, who are then happy to help you provide a great dining experience for your customers.

12 Ways Employee Training Provides Greater Experiences for Your  Guests.

  1. Create an employee training plan specific to your restaurant.

  2. Create a training checklist, and have each employee and trainer sign off on each training area.

  3. The last step in each training area should be a test that the employee must complete to demonstrate their knowledge and that the trainer must sign off on.

  4. Start with staff orientation: include general knowledge about the setup of the restaurant, processes, procedures and expectations.

  5. Make sure you are training on use of your technology. Even tech-savvy employees can benefit from a demonstration on how your specific system works.

  6. Provide training on how to make customers feel valued as well as selling/upselling. Roleplaying and shadowing are very helpful ways to train on these important steps.

  7. Keep all training checklists for your records.

  8. Perform regular employee evaluations.

  9. Recognize employees for their learning process and successes.

  10. Make sure there are incentives in place to encourage and reinforce great customer service.

  11. Plan fun team-building exercises. Everyone likes to have fun and feel like they are a part of a team. Providing scheduled opportunities for this helps ensure your staff feel valued.

  12. Do not overlook anything in the customer experience. You and your staff should take regular walkthroughs of what your customers see and experience, from the advertising to the parking lot to the bathrooms and everything in between. Encourage all staff to point out the positives as well as look at ways the view as well as the overall experience can be improved upon.
Looking for more customer service tips that apply in today's foodservice world? Check out this great article from our partners at McCain: "Rethinking Customer Service in an Off-Premise World."


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