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Protect your Restaurant from Network Hackers

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | April 21, 2015


I bet we can all agree that technology is pretty spectacular in that it can do many things. We can share information and contact people without ever leaving our desks! But in that same aspect, technology can be very dangerous. It can lead to information hacking and even identity thefts. Protect your restaurant and your customers from criminals and network hackers who use free public Wi-Fi and even private networks to steal information.

InformationForCustomersWhen customers dine in your establishment, they open their Internet browser and log into your welcome page to access the Wi-Fi that you have set up. From there, your customers are able to surf the web freely courtesy of your establishment. What hackers can do is create a fake welcome page that resembles your real welcome page. When customers log in, the hacker can access all information on that device: text message content, photos, passwords…anything that is on the device that was used to log into that fake welcome page.

This is just one of the ways an attacker can retrieve information, and sometimes it is difficult to notice when your network is being hacked. However, there are steps you can take to help protect your restaurant and your customers.

•Set up a guest network. This lets you keep your primary network’s security password secret and is more convenient for your guests.

•Make sure you immediately change your passwords to something challenging.
•Use capital letters, numbers, etc. in your passwords.
Change your passwords often.
•Keep the Wi-Fi range close to prevent hackers from getting in from outside your establishment. 
Taking these steps is no safety guarantee, and there are more things that you can do, as well. Above all, be sure to do your research and stay informed. 
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