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Protect Against Skin Wounds with Silicone

Erika Kramer
Erika Kramer | January 12, 2014


Pressure ulcers are a constant worry for nursing home patients.

A pressure ulcer can occur at the point where skin is in constant contact with a surface, such as a patient's bed or chair, or with another part of the body, for example where the knees or ankles rest together. The high pressure that builds up can idsrupt the flow of blood and oxygen, causing the skin to break down.

KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads effectively redistribute pressure using superpowers of silicone and thus protect skin from pressure ulcers. Silicone is incredibly hardwearing yet soft and odorless - making it ideal material.

When KerraPro was tested on a female nursing home patient, for example, skin condition improved by 41%. This improvement had almost returned the skin to its normal skin condition.

Shown here are 12 ways this new KerraPro product line can help at-risk patients' skin from developing pressure ulcers.


Silicone_1  Silicone_2   Silicone_3
Strip provides protection
when using face masks or
other healthcare equipment.
(87510 & 875190)

Sheet cushions the head
or shoulder blades and
can be used flat or folded

Sacrum relieves pressure
on the shoulder and other
bony prominences.

 Silicone_4 Silicone_5  Silicone_6
Sacrum is perfectly shaped
to reduce pressure in
the sacral area.
Heel can be used in
different locations,
including on the
elbows & knees.
Versatile and flexible,
wrap strip around the
(875180 & 875190) 
 Silicone_7 Silicone_8   Silicone_9
Sheet can be cut to
size and provides 
protection to wrists
and hands.

Cut Strip to size to
protect at-risk areas,
including fingers, toes,
hands, feed and ankles.
(875180 & 875190) 

Sheet reduces pressure
between knees or
 Silicone_10 Silicone_11   Silicone_12

Sacrum can also 
reduce pressure on 
the ankles.

Heel can protect the
back of the heel on
patients lying down.
Heel can also protect
underneath the foot
on patients sitting up
or walking.


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