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Promoting Health: Fueling Up on Fiber

Katie Wulkow
Katie Wulkow | November 20, 2014


Why Do We Need Fiber?

     Improves blood sugar control.

     Reduces high blood pressure.

     Reduces high cholesterol.

     Reduces colon cancer risk.

     Helps treat constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids
     and irritable bowel syndrome.

     Helps with weight management by providing feeling
     of being full.


How Much Fiber Should We Consume?

     Average American gets only an average of 15 grams daily.

     Recommended daily intake for adults:

     Men: Under 50 years old = 38 grams; Over 50 = 30 grams

     Women: Under 50 years old = 25 grams; Over 50 = 21 grams


Strategies to Increase Fiber:

     Increase fiber gradually in diet.

     Substitute whole grain products for refined grains.

     Include at least 5 cups of fruits/vegetables daily. Include
     fresh, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables over juice.

     Include nuts/seeds as snacks or include in baked

     Be sure to drink plenty of water, too!


How Can You Add Fiber In Foodservice?

     Look for items made with whole grain and/or wheat.

     Brown rice makes a great side option.

     Promote seasonal fruits and vegetables as sides.

     Serve soups with legumes in them.

Use these guidelines to promote health among your staff and customers/residences throughout your establishment!




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