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Keeping Your Senior Living Residences Safe During Winter

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | December 16, 2014


Winter is unavoidable, especially in the Midwest! Your senior living residences need to know you will take care of them inside and outside your establishment. Do that by following these tips to keeping everyone who walks in and out of your building safe. 


Prepare – if traveling is unavoidable, prepare your residence with warm clothes, thick gloves etc. Keep mats down on the inside and outside of your establishment for easier transitions. Directly after a snowfall or freeze, scoop sidewalks and paths, as well as laying down salt for friction.



Proper footwear – if your residence don’t have proper, slip-resistant shoes, possibly offer some booties or suggest to them rubber soled, gripped shoes for their transportation.



Slow it down – advise your residence to take it slow when walking in the winter weather. Keep their knees bent for better reaction and support to slipping.



Offer support – it’s already difficult for everyone to travel in the winter months, but for the elderly, it could be dangerous. Offer to fetch their car, grab an arm to assist them to their destination or advise more help.



Keep an eye out – around your establishment could be littered with icy spots that are hiding under a thin blanket of snow. Keep an eye out for possible areas that could collect ice and make sure they are taken care of.



Keep an eye up – ice doesn’t just collect on the ground. It also loves to attach to buildings and form quite the icicles. Make sure your pointy icicles are detached, especially if they form right over a popular walkway.


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