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Improving The Performance Of One Of Your Top Kitchen Supplies: Knives

Natalea Koehn
Natalea Koehn | August 19, 2014


In order to ensure the excellent performance of your knives, they must be cared for properly. Here are five key steps to keeping one of your most used kitchen supplies working perfectly for the long term.

1. Hand wash in mild to medium strength detergent and towel dry.

2. Do NOT place in automatic dishwashers.

3. Do NOT soak for long periods or submerge for cleaning.

4. For carbon steel – wash, rinse and dry immediately after use to prevent rusting.

5. Sharpen when dull. 

Knife Sharpening FYI
The edge of a knife has microscopic teeth called feathers, which do the cutting. With repetitive use, these feathers roll over, and the knife appears dull. A steel is used to realign the feathers and restore the blade’s sharpness. Eventually, feathers break off, and new ones need to be created. In this case, a diamond is used to remove steel from the blade and create a new edge.



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