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Identifying Patients' Needs

Deb Elings
Deb Elings | March 24, 2015


What guidelines do you follow when diagnosing and helping patients? When dealing with incontinence, three main steps to follow include evaluation, determining the proper products and medical supplies for the patient and discovering a patient’s unique needs.


For incontinence needs, evaluation is key to providing effective treatment. Obtain an accurate medical history along with a list of current medications before beginning any treatments, and identify the degree of incontinence to determine effective, targeted treatments.



For absorbent hygiene products, determining which product is suited to the wearer’s needs is important. Estimating the needs of the wearer helps with proper fit, but it is also important to accurately estimate the type of incontinence and level of incontinence.



In a treatment facility, it’s important to respond to a patient’s unique needs. Set a schedule to check on all people under your care, especially after you’ve initially estimated their needs, and evaluate whether or not the products are the best option for them.



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