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Foodservice Grows Margin And Profit For Retailers

Ken Stoner
Ken Stoner | February 26, 2014


Martin Bros. is a 74 year old foodservice distribution company. However, it’s only in the last 12 years that we have put an emphasis on convenience store, travel center and retail grocery deli sales. Why is that?Well, many of us remember the old “gas station” days when convenience store foodservice (and I am going to be generous here) was maybe a donut or maybe a hot dog, but most likely a candy bar and a cup of coffee. Today, foodservice has become an increasingly important part of the bottom line in many retail chains and for more and more independent operators, as well.

Many of the larger convenience and retail players put a huge emphasis on their selections. It’s what you see when you go to their websites. It’s what you see when you first walk into their stores. In our upper Midwest distribution area, the largest industry player is Casey’s. Over time and with much tweaking and adjusting, they have developed one of the nation’s largest volume pizza chains. And the airwaves are full of their advertisements, which promote foodservice, not fuel, cigarettes or oil. Why is that? The answer is margin and profit.

Independent operators can and many do have a food program that is both professional and profitable. The key to success is investment and commitment. For the price of a single fuel dispenser, you can have a professional-looking program with attractive imaging and 50% margin or better.

At Martin Bros., we have a team of six people that specialize in helping retailers start and execute a foodservice program. We have the equipment, food, packaging, product and margin consultation, imaging and complete programs available, with your commitment, to get you where you need to be.



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