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Growing Appetites for Plant-Based Food

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | January 20, 2022

A Guest Blog from Rich's

Appetites for plant-based foods continue to grow, and so does the opportunity.

Consumers are hungry for plant-based food. Operators and retailers can help by growing their offerings and menus, which can also grow their bottom lines.

Why is plant-based trending?

Consumers are filling their plates with plants for several reasons, but those that rise to the top include: a sense of balance and wellness; desired transparency in ingredients and food safety; and having a positive impact and contribution to the overall health of the environment.

Through 2025, a total annual growth rate of 3X is expected in plant-based categories in retail and foodservice.1

There’s a seat at the plant-based table for every type of operator. Seizing this opportunity can grow your offerings - and, more critically, your success.

While consumers are eager for plant-based food, it’s also clear that it can’t be at the cost of taste or indulgence.

Consumers are looking for comforting, familiar flavors, taste and texture similar to traditional products, indulgent taste and inspiration from classic favorites just to name a few.2

So, how can you get started?

Here are four key areas of opportunity.

  1. Ensure your plant-based offerings are delicious and cravable. For example, sweeten the end of the meal by using Vanilla or Chocolate Oat Milk Soft Serve in a hot fudge sundae.
  2. Make simple swaps. Harvest a new idea of sandwich success by providing Plant-Based American Style Slices as an option.
  3. Add crowd-pleasing classics as new plant-based options. For example, bring Cauliflower Crust and Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds to the pizza table.
  4. Have a flexitarian menu development approach to entice more plant-forward eating. Choose to offer a Sweet Potato Roll to add to veggie or beef burgers, for example.

Want to learn more? Visit Rich’s Plant-Based Solutions website, here.

Want the recipe pictured above? Click here.

1Rich’s & Global Data Plant-Based Market Sizing 2020, 2Rich’s 2021 Consumer Sentiment Survey


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