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Green Tips For Restaurants

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | December 30, 2014


Restaurants taking steps towards going green has many benefits including customer appreciation, saving money, and taking care of the environment. Go Green!

Why Go Green?

Not only does going green continue to be a trend, but options for restaurants to take to go green continue to increase, as well. Showing your community you care about the environment can create buzz and serve to increase traffic to your restaurant. Even though at first it may seem costly to go even the slightest shade of green, it should pay off in the long run. Customers are starting to view going green as more of a necessity than a luxury and are willing to pay a little extra for it.

How to Go Green:

Here are a few things to consider…

-Energy star appliances and ventilation can help lower your carbon footprint.

-Flow restrictors and low-flow toilets can help eliminate unnecessary running water.

-Consider recycling and/or composting. Put up signs in both the front and back of the house to help employees and customers remember to recycle/compost and know what is recyclable/compostable. This also creates a great opportunity to market one of your green initiatives.

-Use biodegradable and recycled products for your disposable containers.

-Opt to purchase foods and beverages that are local (because they require less fuel to transport) and from companies that support green initiatives.

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