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How Gadgets Can Boost Foodservice Efficiency

Sara Kies
Sara Kies | March 11, 2014


Technology can boost traffic, efficiency and productivity, according to the Heinz Foodservice Operator Community which consists of an online board of 300 restaurant owners. Here's how they are utilizing the technology to grow business and revenue.

Restaurant operators who use electronic devices such as smartphones have found that these gadgets aren’t only entertaining, but they can serve major business purposes, as well.

Commentators shared how they download recipes on their smartphones and post updates to their social media page from their mobile devices. As more of the population adopts smartphone technology, the operators said they are noticing an increased effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.
“The use of iPhones and other devices has helped our business grow by using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare,” one operator posted on the Heinz Foodservice Community board. “We post specials on Facebook and Twitter and offer bonuses on Foursquare for our most frequent customers and (Foursquare) Mayors.”

Not only does social media help to add foot traffic but also to boost sales by customer. It has been found that people who encounter a restaurant’s brand in social media will spend 2 to 7 times more than customers who don’t.1

1 Ogilvy-ChatThreads, “Social Media Exposure is Linked to Sales and Brand Image,” October 2011





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