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Foodservice Matters For Convenience Stores

Ken Stoner
Ken Stoner | November 24, 2014


As independent marketers search for ways to counter-balance the thin margins realized in fuel and cigarette sales, foodservice will nearly always come to the forefront. The challenge is that foodservice is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. 

There are relatively simple options like pre-packaged sandwiches, a roller grill and thaw and serve donuts, and then there are far more substantial options like a branded program or a café for your convenience store. Either way, and more profoundly in the later rather than the former, foodservice is a matter of investment and commitment. You must truly dedicate yourself as an owner or manager – your time, your ideas, your staffing, your financial resources and everything in between.

The rewards for a successful effort could and should include increased customer counts, better overall store profitability through higher margins and increased store sales in all categories.


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