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Food To Go Never Looked So Good

Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis | July 14, 2015

At Pactiv, the breadth of product provides a myriad of options when it comes to packaging food to go. Important consideration should be given to choosing the right food containers for your establishment. How food is packaged says just as much about your business as the food. Here are some great packaging options that could allow you to upgrade and upcharge your image (and your profit!)

Foodservice To Go Container - Earth Choice Fiber Blend Hingeware

EarthChoice® Fiber Blend Hingeware
6x6 in - 857062; 8x8 in - 856874; 9x9 in - 856810


Foodservice To Go Container - OneBox

NEW! OneBox™ Fold Top Containers
Black 8.5 x 8.5 in - 355296; Special Order: Black 5x4 in - 354897
Black 6.75 x5.5 in - 354898; White 8.5x8.5 in - 355433
EarthChoice® Kraft 8.5x8.5 in - 355434


Foodservice To Go Container: BlackHingedContainer

Black Hinged Lid Vented Container - 9x9 in
856655 - 1/150 ct


Foodservice To Go Container - Hexware

ClearView™ SmartLock® Hexware Dual Color Hinged Container - 9 in
853978 - 1/110 ct


Foodservice To Go Container - EarthChoiceWithLid

EarthChoice® Bowl with Lid - Microwaveable
16 oz - 822030 - 252 ct; 32 oz - 822040 - 150 ct; 
48 oz - 354919 - 150 ct

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