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Food Packaging to Drive Sales

Natalea Koehn
Natalea Koehn | May 27, 2014


When you’re packaging for to-go sales, take four things into consideration to help really drive sales: the food, the packaging itself, accompaniments and branding.

You want what your food packaging to hold up well. In addition, especially if you’re using clear packaging, everything should be placed inside the packaging in an eye-appealing way. Customers can pick to-go items up and look closely at them to decide whether or not to buy them, so you’ll want to make sure what they see looks great. And if you want repeat sales, you want to make sure what they eat tastes fresh and delicious.

Clear packaging can really promote impulse sales. We eat with our eyes, too, so a visual can go a long ways towards a purchase. Other packaging options also work, of course, but words and branding then become even more important in creating the impulse.

In addition to thinking about what you need on the packaging (name of item, use by date or date/time prepared, etc.), you should consider what to put on and around the packaging to help drive sales. Keep in mind that people gravitate towards brands and catchy words and images.

For each packaged item, you have to think about what customers will need when eating it. Napkins, silverware, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, dressing, etc. are all things you may have to have handy and easy for grab-and-go. You can even make a statement with accompaniments by offering innovative options.


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