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Content is King: Ways to Engage on Facebook

Angie Dark
Angie Dark | April 1, 2021

The average Facebook account has over 300 friends. Nobody visits each of their friends every single day to see what they have posted, and they don’t need to.

Facebook’s team of super-savvy analysts have developed an algorithm to identify content that each user engages most with. This allows content from those friends and businesses to automatically populate on a user’s newsfeed. Cool, huh?

So, how do you make your content engaging as you try to use Facebook to help grow your business?

Here are three things to keep in mind about Facebook:

  1. If the content isn’t exciting, isn’t engaging or does not offer either a video, a photo or a link to something that will hold the consumers’ attention, you will quickly fall off their radar.
  2. Facebook is an engagement tool, not a sales tool. This means the majority of your content should be focused on interaction. Use that good old 80/20 rule from marketing classes of old. Only 20% of your posts should actually be selling your business. The other 80% should be engagement based.
  3. Be transparent. If you get a comment that is negative, be weary of simply hitting delete. People question the reputation of a business willing to hide someone’s opinion rather than addressing it head on. Instead, try to post a response apologizing for any inconvenience and offering for the person to contact you in a private message, over the phone or in person to discuss matters further and make everything right. You don’t want to banter back and forth over Facebook. Once you have resolved the matter, ask if the person would be willing to add to their original post on Facebook to let others know that the matter has been resolved. This shows others the priority you place on premium customer service. Way to turn that negative situation into a positive marketing plug!

Here are three quick ideas for engaging your audience on Facebook:

  1. Tie your company into things happening in your community! Get involved in a school event, serve a meal to an organization or help support the summer festival. You can tag the organizations and create fun hashtags when you post about these things on Facebook. Show your passion for the community and watch your organic traffic grow!
  2. Use the poll posting option to drive engagement. People love polls! For example, post two recipe pictures and ask your fans to vote for their favorite. Or, post two possible new menu items and ask your fans to vote for their first choice. Or, ask what night of the week your fans would like to see one of your specials offered.
  3. Post events and specials! Events are a great way to attract customers and get the word out about your business on Facebook, and everyone loves a great deal. Your post could, for example, be a special meal you’re offering for a holiday or a watch party you’re hosting for a big sporting event. Make sure your event details are clear. Include the who, what, when, where, why and how. If attendees need a ticket or if you have special instructions for the event, make it easy for people to understand.



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