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Conducting Employee Evaluations

Chris Timmons
Chris Timmons | April 10, 2014


The goal of any evaluation is to provide a “fair and square” assessment that can then be used to improve performance, operations and/or procedures. The following guide may help to structure employee evaluations and keep them focused on the most specific and important areas.


♦ Has knowledge and demonstrates ability to use equipment safely

♦ Cleans work area and equipment after use

♦ Records all necessary data in a timely manner
(food temps, cleaning duties, dish machine temps, etc.)

♦ Completes assigned cleaning tasks properly and in a timely manner

♦ Understands and follows standardized recipes and serves proper portions

♦ Meets the time requirements for serving meals

♦ Understands and demonstrates proper dishwashing and sanitation skills


General Skills

♦ Communicates effectively with staff

♦ Kind and helpful to residents

♦ Arrives on time

♦ Flexible and motivated to overcome obstacles or changes in focus when needed on short notice


General Skills

♦ Receptive to constructive criticism

♦ Accepts and completes new assignments accurately and within required time frame

♦ Neat and well groomed in required uniform and proper hair covering and gloves
when required

♦ Follows proper hand washing procedures

♦ Cooperative/team player


Of course, this is only a guide and a way to get you thinking about the evaluation process. Either throughout the evaluation or as a final step, it would be beneficial to work with employees to set goals that will help with any needed improvement and keep them motivated. You could also tray to find out about any goals they might have to advance towards other duties and/or positions. Overall, remember that you are part of a team, so try to use evaluations as a way to work together to improve performance, operations and procedures throughout your community.

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