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Cold Hard Facts: Ice Is Food

Natalea Koehn
Natalea Koehn | June 19, 2014


Ice is food, so it needs to be treated that way.

The careful treatment of ice is one of the most overlooked but one of the most critical details in providing smart, safe and sanitary food handling. Maintaining the quality of ice from the time it is made until the time it is served should be as much of a priority as maintaining proper handling practices for chicken, pork, beef, etc. However, ice is often one of the most overlooked areas in the kitchen.

Dirt and germs from hands, traditional scoops and improper scooping methods can contaminate your entire ice supply. Even if the right scoop is used, there is still plenty of opportunity for contamination. Improperly storing the scoop, transporting ice in dirty buckets or storing items directly in the ice bin can all lead to ice contamination. 

There are 4 risks of unsafe ice handling.

1. Cross-contamination

2. Unsanitary Image

3. Health Inspection Violations

4. Lost Productivity

To handle ice safely, you need to find and implement smart, safe and sanitary products and procedures.


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