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Business Owners: How To Have a Stress-Free Holiday

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | December 25, 2014


Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Business owners: taking a few of these tips can help you
survive the hectic holiday season, keeping stress free, while remembering the reason for celebrating.
While some things are out of your control, making an effort to lower stress can affect
not only yourself but your employees and customers as well! Follow these
suggestions for a happy and more successful holiday season.

1) Decorate for the Season – No matter what holiday you are celebrating,
putting up a little strand of lights or letting your employees wear Santa hats
is fun for all! Decorating for the holidays can boost moods and possibly
convince your customers to give a little extra this year.

2) Introduce Product Specials – There’s never a better time to spice up your
everyday like a holiday! Introduce new festive products to your menu or give
a holiday discount to attract some customer interest.

3) Communicate to your Employees – Being transparent with your employees
during busy holiday times can only help. Let them know when you expect to
be open and what shifts need to be worked in advance, especially since quite
a few people ask time off to travel etc.

4) Manage your Finances – Whether you are the type to over-decorate for the
season or not, keep a close eye on your finances. You don’t want to get too
carried away with the holiday spirit and go over budget just so you can add a
couple more lights to each table. Ask employees if they want to bring in their
own Santa hats to wear or just make sure you record everything.

5) Consider Hiring Extra Help – the last thing an employee wants to do is change
their vacation, family time or trip because they have to work. If you are
having trouble filling all shifts, consider hiring extra seasonal staff that can
lend a hand during the busy season.

6) Take Time to Celebrate – Giving your employees enough time to celebrate the
holidays is very generous, but there’s a time where you have to give yourself
a break and celebrate. It’s a joyous time of year and after all the
things you do, you deserve a little treat!

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