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Add Appetizers to Your Menu & Enhance Dining Experiences for Seniors

Katie Wulkow
Katie Wulkow | October 4, 2016


Everyone loves appetizers! These small bites are perfect for tiding people over until their meal comes, trying out new flavors without risking a total meal bust and offering the possibility for more fun and conversation during mealtime!

Even in the senior living setting, adding appetizers can do amazing things! Take a look at some of the following benefits and ideas for adding appetizers to your menu!


• Satisfy early diners
• Start the dining process while production staff prepare the rest of the meal
• Stimulate diners’ appetites and ready their palates for enjoying the meal
• Encourage conversation and interaction
• Have fun with a unique theme that can be changed during different times of the year
• Provide extra nutrition
• Feature finger foods for maximum dexterity
• Use up leftovers in new ways


• Bread and cracker baskets with flavored butters and spreads
• Meat, cheese and cracker trays
• Chips and dip
• Relish plates
• Restaurant-style appetizers such as cheese sticks, bruschetta and tater skins
• Home-style appetizers such as cocktail smokies, chicken wings and mini meatballs

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