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Tips For Achieving Whole Grain Rich

Renee Greiner
Renee Greiner | February 11, 2014

WholeGrainRichSchool menus will be required to serve 100% whole grain rich items beginning school year 2014-2015. Many school foodservice programs have already begun the changeover, and we’re halfway there by already serving 50% of the menu as whole grain rich.


Keep the following tips in mind when modifying a recipe
achieve whole grain rich:

  • May need to decrease mixing time to create a moist product.
  • May need to increase water (0.5-1.5% for every 10% of whole wheat flour added) to create a moist product.
  • May need to use a sweetener or add honey or molasses to minimize “bitter” flavor profile.

Do not be afraid to
experiment with recipes
to achieve the best products
for your students.


Also, try to
involve the students
and make it fun!


PRODUCT IDEAS:WholeGrainProducts

Ask your Martin Bros. representative for more tips and information on more products that meet the USDA whole grain requirement, including cereals, hot breakfast items and more.


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