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A Bowlful of Reasons to Add Berries To Your Food Service Menu

Renee Greiner
Renee Greiner | April 12, 2016

Food Service Berries

Berries come in many varieties, shapes, sizes and colors. They can liven up any dish from morning to night with a bit of sweet and a splash of color! With berry season fast approaching, there are many reasons to add a bowlful to your food service menu anytime.

There are many health and wellness benefits to berries, including:

Brain & Memory Boost
Berries contain pigments called anthocyanins, which have been linked to brain function and memory improvement.

Healing & Immunity
Strawberries, for example, are a great source of vitamin C, a nutrient essential for wound healing and immunity.

Cancer Prevention
Phytochemicals are nutrients in many foods, including berries, which have been linked to cancer prevention.

Saving Calories
One cup of strawberries, for example, is a mere 40 calories.

Mood Boost
Adding berries to any meal can enhance the presentation and color of your plate, which can also lift the spirits of those you serve.

Berry Delicious Menu Ideas

• At breakfast, berries are perfect for smoothies and yogurt parfaits, as an addition to a bowl of cold or hot cereal or as a topping for waffles.

• At lunch, serve berries on top of salads or in a bowl as a side dish.

• At dinner, a pureed berry with other savory flavors like chipotle, mustard or mayonnaise can enhance any center of the plate entrée or sandwich.

• Dessert is a great time to enjoy a slice of Angel Food Cake Topped with Berries.

Upside-Down Berry Sundae

Instead of starting your ice cream sundae with ice cream, consider starting with berries at the bottom of the bowl and put the ice cream on top. So, instead of 1 cup of ice cream + ½ cup of berries = 300 calories, you have 1 cup of berries + ½ cup of ice cream = 180 calories! That even allows your customers the possibility of adding a couple toppings…while still saving calories!

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