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7 Trends For Epic Grilled Flavor in Your Foodservice

Angie Dark
Angie Dark | June 25, 2015

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Take one of these suggestions from our trusted partner, McCormick to help you spice up your foodservice menu this summer!

Explore their hottest trends set to deliver epic grilled flavors – from a reverse sear technique to banish dry chicken from the grates to beyond-basic burger toppings like grilled avocado, mango slaw and Sriracha mayonnaise.

Foodservice Spices for Asian Food

1. Asian pdf
25% of fine diners say they want to see more Asian menu items. (Mintel 2009)
Featured Asian Spice: Crushed Red Pepper

Foodservice Spices for Beef

2. Beef pdf
Top three beef preparations listed on menus were “cut” – as in “hand-cut,” “center cut” or “barrel cut” – at 16.7%, “grilled” (13.3%) and “aged” (12.4%). (Technomic 2009)
Featured Beef Spice: Ground Ginger

Foodservice Spices for Chicken

3. Chicken pdf
If there was one word to describe chicken, it could definitely be “versatile”. Your options for seasoning chicken are even versatile…and endless! Some of our favorite choices include garlic, black pepper and onion.
Featured Chicken Spice: Grill Mates® Vegetable Seasoning

Foodservice Spices for Grilling

4. Grilling pdf
One of the great things about grilled options is that they can be low in fat yet still flavorful and trendy.
Featured Grilling Spice: Ground Chipotle Chile Pepper

Foodservice Spices for Latin

5. Latin pdf
A great accent to any menu is popular Latino cuisines. Try Mexican/Hispanic foods for starters, because they are a popular slice of the ethnic foods pie.
Featured Latin Spice: Lawry’s® Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Foodservice Spices for Regional American

6. Regional American pdf
Customers can “explore” other regions when they taste your regional cuisines, and all without even leaving their seat.
Featured Regional American Spice: Dark Chili Powder 

Foodservice Spices for Seafood

7. Seafood pdf
Seafood is a great option for customers who want to eat healthy. It is also the protein least likely prepared at home by consumers. (Seafood Business 2009) So grab attention and grow traffic with your seafood options.
Featured Seafood Spice: Grill Mates® Salmon Seasoning 



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