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7 Hacks to Increase Efficiency in Your Food Service Kitchen

Julie Halfpop
Julie Halfpop | February 6, 2020

We all like to find ways of doing things that save time, money and headaches. Considering our busy work environments and limited resources, clever shortcuts are always welcome! Try one of these kitchen hacks recommended by our Martin Bros. culinary and nutrition professionals! They’re guaranteed to make your day, your week… and quite possibly all your years in food service!

  1. Apply pan spray to utensils before measuring sticky foods such as peanut butter, honey and maple syrup.
  2. Re-purpose your pizza cutter and quickly cut or shred herbs, tortillas, ham, sandwiches, hot dogs, toast crusts and more.
  3. Quickly cut cherry tomatoes by placing them in a single layer between two plates. The bottom plate should be upside down. Run a knife between the plates.
  4. Dip your knife or your ice cream scoop in hot water. Wipe with a dry towel. Then cut your cake or cheesecake… or scoop out your ice cream. Repeat for each slice or scoop.
  5. Invest in plastic squirt bottles to serve salad dressings and dessert sauces as well as to fill condiment cups.
  6. Prepare for the week. Cut produce like onions and peppers at one time and divide out to meet your recipe and production needs.
  7. Pre-heat baking sheets before baking or roasting to better ensure even browning and speed cooking time. Plus, there is no need to flip with pre-heated sheets! This works well for things like French fries and breaded items.

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