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6 Breakfast Trends

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | April 8, 2019

The demand for breakfast-all-day continues to grow in restaurant food service. Here are six food trends from General Mills Foodservice to make your breakfast-all-day offerings highly sought-after:

  1. (Unexpected) Grain Bowls
    Top grain bowls with a fried, poached or soft-boiled egg to add breakfast appeal.
  2. Biscuits Galore
    Go beyond classic rolls and use biscuits to get in on current food trends.
  3. Anything Waffled
    With a little creativity, you can serve “waffles” in fresh ways all day. For example, use waffles as the top and bottom of a breakfast sandwich or put cinnamon roll dough in a waffle iron for a delicious cinnamon roll-waffle hybrid.
  4. Bites in a Cup
    To capitalize on the baked goods, small bites AND to-go trends, offer plastic cups of bite-size bakery items with icings or dipping sauces on the side.
  5. Savory Touches
    A hint of savory instantly elevates sweet baked goods.
  6. Breakfast Salads
    The salad trend is sneaking onto breakfast menus.

Here are some great breakfast recipe ideas from the Martin Bros. Chefs:


Bacon Biscuits



Bourbon Maple Syrup - Great for Chicken & Waffles



Banana Nut Bread with Peanut Butter Whip & Chocolate-Covered Bacon



Chicken Breakfast Skillet



Denver Hash Brown Cups



Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie


Foodservice Recipes


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