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5 Ways to Keep Your Establishment Clean

Roxanne Hassman
Roxanne Hassman | October 28, 2014


Keeping your establishment sanitized is very important. It keeps your visitors and staff healthier and makes your facility look that much more inviting. Here are 5 different ways you can keep a clean establishment.

1. Use Matting - 80% of the dirt entering a building comes through the front door, and it costs about $500 to clean up every pound. Consider having an outdoor scraper mat along with 12-20 feet of indoor walk-off matting.

2. Vacuum - Vacuum matting and carpets daily.

3. Extract - Vacuuming only removes surface dirt. For restorative maintenance, a deep extraction is necessary.

4. Use the Right Equipment & Cleaner for Your Hard Floor(s) - Just as there are many different types of hard floor surfaces, there are many different types of equipment and cleaners to sanitize them each properly.

5. Properly Clean & Sanitize Foodservice Areas - Have a detailed procedure on the special cleaning processes required to properly sanitize areas where food is consumed, handled and stored.





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