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5 Restaurant Revamp Possibilities

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | December 23, 2014


Keep your customers coming back and your staff happy. If you are a restaurant owner, follow these simple tips to make your restaurant go from good, to great! 

1. Menus
Do you have the same, recognizable menu as you have had the past couple years? Do you have handwritten scratches over old prices or misspelled words and other grammar and punctuation errors?
What to do
Redesign and reprint your menus with new and improved dishes, prices and correct spellings, grammar and punctuation.

2. Selection
Just because you are capable of whipping up a tasty burger as well as a killer
Moroccan dish doesn’t mean you should. Is your menu fifteen pages long?
What to do
Keep your food selection to your specialty and perfect those meals instead of
confusing your audience with too many options.

3. Name
Calling yourself “The Trendy Eatery of the Midwest” is more than likely not going to
make you trendy. Using adjectives to describe your restaurant can often leave the
opposite impression.
What to do
Simple and short names help customers remember your restaurant without telling
them how they should experience your atmosphere.

4. Bathrooms
Everyone can agree that dirty bathrooms are disgusting and extremely unsanitary. If your bathrooms are dirty, customers may wonder what your kitchen looks like.
What to do
Scan and clean restrooms twice daily or as often as needed based on traffic. To give your customers extra peace of mind, you could have a checklist in the bathrooms that records the time and initials of who checked them. You could also consider putting up a sign that reads, “If any items run out or are disorderly, please alert an employee.”

5. Wi-Fi
Customers enjoy free Wi-Fi, and it is an incentive to get them in the door and to keep them coming back. Do you offer Wi-Fi?
What to do
If you do not offer Wi-Fi, you should consider doing so. If you have Wi-Fi, make sure that you are advertising it both inside and outside your establishment. Also, be sure that your password is on the same signs or at least in the same location as your “We Have Free Wi-Fi” signs.

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