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5 Reasons to Truly Celebrate the New Year

Brittany Skellenger
Brittany Skellenger | January 1, 2015


Happy New Year to all! Everyone from Martin Bros. hopes you and your families have time for fun, reflection and relaxation today. Life is a unique and amazing journey. Here are 5 things to celebrate and think about as you ring in 2015.

You’re alive – Life is unpredictable and scary at times. Always remember how precious it is. Take a moment to appreciate each breath you take and each heartbeat you feel, and smile more often.

You’re here – Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Look around; you are the only person that got yourself where you are. You deserve a pat on the back! There’s nobody better qualified to be you than you!

There Are Less Fortunate Out There – Is life hard? Yes. Are there going to be disappointments? Definitely. But it could always be worse! Be thankful for what you have and you can go far.

There’s Always Opportunity – The only person that can make your life better is you. There are opportunities everywhere; you just have to find them! Go take those opportunities!

Happiness Leads to Healthier Lives – Studies show that an active effort to stay positive and happy can benefit physical health. Turn that frown upside down and stay positive! 


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