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4 Important Things To Get Right With Disinfectants

Rob Fiori
Rob Fiori | October 30, 2014


Proper cleaning techniques are very important when it comes to your facility and the safety of you visitors. Learn all about these four tips and products to keep a sparkling establishment! 

1) Contact Time - Read labels on all disinfectants for specific instructions about contact time.

2) Fresh Solutions - All concentrated disinfectants should be made up fresh each day or when the mop bucket solution becomes visually dirty.

3) Proper Dilution - Read the label for specific dilutions for each application. Adding more disinfectant than directed does not give you more effectiveness for disinfecting a surface, it only will cost you more money by wasting chemical. Using less disinfectant than required will not give you the required disinfecting properties (which is why you are using a disinfectant in the first place).

4) DO NOT MIX - Never, ever mix a disinfectant with any other chemicals, unless directed to by a the label.





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