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20 Ways to Improve Senior Living Attitudes

Krystle Kettman
Krystle Kettman | December 2, 2014


Attitude is an important part of your job – positive staff attitudes increase satisfaction in senior living and help raise residents’ spirits.

Featured Guest Author: Matt Booth, Professional Speaker, Mattitude

1. Be Yourself – Do more of the things you love. It is the only way to be happy.

2. Improve Yourself – If you’re improving, even a little bit, you’ll be more positive.

3. Help Others – Nothing makes a person feel better than helping others in need. When you help others, you can’t help but be more positive.

4. Take an Attitude Inventory – Your attitude and those around you.

5. Birds of a Feather – You will eventually become like the people you hang around. Keep yourself in the company of positive thinking people. Distance yourself from the doom and gloomers. Find more positive people to spend time with.

6. Be Selective – Of information you get. Garbage in, garbage out. 

7. Be a Doer – Rather than a watcher. 

8. Be an Attitude Warrior – If you don’t defend your attitude, who will?

9. Don’t Be Perfect – Bad crap happens to good people. Don’t expect to be positive 100% of the time. Just try to be positive as often as possible.

10. One of Those Days – It’s OK to have one of those days,  just not five years in a row.

11. Choose – You’re responsible for our own attitude; others do not control how you think. Decide to be positive and make it happen.

12. Relax – Don’t fight a challenging situation, it only makes it  worse. Relax, breathe and accept it.

13. Affirmations – Think positive thoughts and say positive things to yourself. It might seem goofy, but it works!

14. Be Grateful – For what you have. There is always something to be grateful for.

15. Laugh – Bring more laughter into your life. It is a powerful way to improve your attitude.

16. Pray or Meditate – For a couple of minutes every day. You’ll be surprised how positive this can be. 

17. Celebrate – Your own successes and the successes of those around you as often as you can.

18. Have a Plan – It lets you stay focused on where you are going instead of getting bogged down in the day to day drama.

19. Control Your Environment – You make choices everyday about where you live, the work you do and where you go. If your environment isn’t supporting your positive attitude, change it. 

20. Be Selfish – Take care of YOU first. Give yourself permission to make YOU a priority.




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