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10 Ideas to Delight Senior Senses

Chris Timmons
Chris Timmons | March 17, 2015

five-senses-headThe dining process should not only nourish the body but also delight the senses and create an experience for each and every individual and senior. This is especially true since the total time dining and waiting to dine can be up to six hours per day for individuals. In other words, this creates an ideal time to provide a variety of experiences and taste treats for residents!


Here are 10 ideas to delight the five senses and create memorable and pleasant experiences:


1. Delight the sense of smell with the aroma of fresh baked bread, rolls and cookies. Open the kitchen doors after baking to allow the aroma to fill the dining areas.


2. Delight the eyes with colorful, seasonal placemats and flowers of the season.

3. Delight the eyes with well-groomed servers clothed in clean, seasonal wear.


4. Delight the auditory senses with background music. Be sure to survey tenants about preferences and switch the music with the season.

5. Delight the auditory senses with live entertainment whenever possible. 


6. Delight the taste buds with a chilled juice refresher. Try grapefruit juice with a twist of fresh orange or apple with a twist of berry.

7. Delight the taste buds in the evening or at brunch with some cocktails (both mock-tails and some simple adult beverages). Mimosas (orange juice and champagne), for instance, would be the perfect bunch starter, and a nonalcoholic version can be easily made with lemon-lime soda instead of champagne.

8. Delight the taste buds with appetizers.

9. Delight the taste buds by trying small pans of new recipes and circulating the dining room while tenants are seated before the meal to offer small tastings.


10. Delight the sense of touch with linen napkins.









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